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AYUSH means the ‘breath of life’ or longevity and Darpan refers to a mirror.The name itself focuses on its main goal which is to create awareness in the society about health issues and related concerns.

Another meaning of AYUSH includes the CAM i.e AYURVEDA,UNANI,SIDDHA,YOGA & HOMEOPATHY.

Dr Navin Joshi .MD Ayurveda,PGDip.in Yogic Sciences had started Ayush Darpan in the form of Health Magazine in the year 2010, with its core objective to create awareness amongst people regarding their health concerns through Ayurveda,Yoga,Unani,Siddha and Homeopathy.Dr Navin Joshi is a renowned Ayurvedic healer, practicioner and freelance health writer. He has been working in the field for over 20 years.He is a Panchkarma ,Yoga and Kshar sutra specialist. His main expertise is his vast knowledge of the traditional Himalyan Healing Herbs. Over the years, he has been documenting and higlighting various Himalyan traditional herbs which are endangered by the means of documentaries. His blog writing on Ayurveda is globally appreciated.

AIMS and Objectives:
*A nonprofitable platform to propagate Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani and Siddha System of Medicine for the benefit of people across the globe.
*Publication of 16 different editions of Magazine from the year of 2010.
*To update scholars on the recent medical advances and research through the Blog writing and posting continuous updates in social media.
*To conduct conferences in collaboration with other organisations.
*To create awareness among people regarding indigenous system of Medicines as well as about the endangered medicinal herbs
through documentaries.
*In future will give felicitations and award to different dignitories of AYUSH systems.
*Publication of Book related to AYUSH system.

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