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Sameera Pannaga Rasa proven to be effective in Bronchial Asthma

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Asthma represents a profound world-wide public health problem. Glucocorticoid dependent

asthma presents a great clinical burden and reducing the side-effects of glucocorticoids is


In recent study conducted in IPGTRA Jammagar, patients were treated with Sameera Pannaga

Rasa at a dose of 30 mg twice a day for 4 weeks along with leaf of Piper betel. A capsule of 250

mg (containing 30 mg Samir Pannag Rasa + 220 mg starch powder was administered twice a

day for 28 days along with juice of Piper betel.

Improvement in regulation on asthma, recurrence of asthma, considerable decrease in total

and absolute, acute eosinophil count and erythrocyte sedimentation rate were observed. The

results were evaluated in terms of clinical recovery, symptomatic relief, pulmonary function

improvement and on subjective and objective parameters.

The results revealed that the Sameera Pannaga Rasa has a significant action in cases of bronchial

asthma and it could suppress total leukocyte count, eosinophil count, ESR and can provide

symptomatic relief.

This study concluded that Sameera Pannaga Rasa can be used as an effective drug in bronchial


 (Source- ‘AYU’ An International Quarterly Journal of Research in Ayurveda )

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