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National Conference on Recent advances in Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine

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A national conference on Recent advances in Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine will be organised in Dehradun on 15th -16th September 2017.The conference will give a platform to academicians, scientists, students, manufacture and farmers to get together under one roof. The session will consist of identification of Ayurvedic medicinal herb in their in situ condition where farmers and local people can identify and use that medicinal herb for their treatments. Further session will be based on their cultivation by tradition methods like Rashi Naksthra Vatika and modern technology like biotechnology approach. Harvesting of medicinal herbs with optimum time and season will be discussed by the expert. Some expert from manufacturing units/companies will share their experience in front of audience. Moreover the students of Dravyaguna, Botany, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Engineering students will get exposure and recommendation from the experts. Student of different discipline, villagers/ farmers and common people will be learning the procedure from identification to marketing of Ayurvedic herbal product. This program will facilitate the get together of expert from different discipline under the single roof to share their knowledge. Moreover students and researcher shall have opportunities to display their work in such platform. Researchers/ scientists/ academicians will have the opportunity to directly understand the practical difficulty in the identification, cultivation and harvesting of herbs, which will lead to new approach to resolve these problems. The conference will very helpful to aware people, students and researchers of medicinal value, their cultivation and advancement in harvesting and cultivation of medicinal herb. This conference will prove as brain storm for all students and researchers of these areas. Eminent experts from academia, research centers, industries and farmers will share their knowledge with scientists, research scholars, students and farmers. Moreover, through this platform, the research scholars from different institutions will present their work on recent advances in Ayurvedic herbal medicines.For Registration and other details please Login at http://www.uauconference.com

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