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International Conference on Ayurveda in Kolkata

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International Conference: 23 /24 December 2017

“Ayurveda as a medicine system to address contemporary health
challenges in an effective, efficient, affordable and holistic way-
Perspectives on Policy and Practice”
Ayurveda, the Swadeshi system of medicine, is the bedrock of other
traditional medicinal systems across the world like Chinese, Greek, Tibetan
etc. and has a significant potential to address contemporary health
challenges of the country. However unlike China, India lags far behind to
mainstream the use of Ayurveda to deliver wellness to its peoples.
As per the UN WHO report, in the year 2001 in China, traditional
medicines accounted for 30% to 50% of the total consumption and 95% of
general hospitals had units for traditional Chinese medicine. There were
170 top quality research institutions across the country and over 600
manufacturing bases to manufacture traditional Chinese medicine. In
addition 13,000 central farms specialized in the production of materials for
traditional medicines had 340,000 farmers who cultivate medicinal plants
and the total planting area for medicinal herbs was 348,000 acres.
The international conference on Ayurveda organized by the West Bengal
Chapter of the Antar-Rashtriya Sahyog Parishad supported by the Ayush
Darpan Foundation shall provide a platform both to the practitioners of
Ayurveda and policy makers of the country to interact, and find ways to
mainstream the use of Ayurveda to deliver holistic health solutions to the
citizens of the country in an effective, efficient and affordable manner. The
conference shall have the participation of some of the leading experts of
Ayurveda both from India and abroad.
For Registration and other details ,

please contact-
Dr Naveen Joshi ,Organizing Secretary M.09760846878


or  contact-
Shri Kunjbihari Singhania, Secretary, ARSP- West Bengal
Mob- 9830244314 Email- singhaniakb@gmail.com

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