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Scientific secrets hidden in Ayurvedic References

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At present in the field of medical sciences if we notice on the some researches  which have dragged the attention of the world towards themselves,you will think that these researches  are somwhere linked with Indian Vedic Sciences.Year 2017  Nobel prize given in the field of Medicine, if we carefully notice IMG-20180823-WA0001the research, we find that it was related to a gene which was responsible for protien synthesis due to which the biological clock is regulated.  This research states that how  a special type of protein gets stored in the blood cells however it gets broken in day time. That means the rotation of the earth helps the biological clock to get regulate the physiology of body. That means through this the internal environment of the human body:, hormones level ,body temperature ,good sleep and metabolism is controlled.This research proves that the internal environment of the human body gets affected by the external environment (Cosmic environment). which was explained centuries back in the Vedic books as  “Yatha  pinde tatha brahmande “  Ayurveda tells us that in day and night time there are different effects of Doshas on different parts of the human body.Agsin  this year an American research  which  has been selected for the Ig-Nobel prize that is also really interesting .Professor David Watinger  was surprised when he noticed his patient ‘s kidney stone pumped out while he was in a rolar-coaster ride in Disney world. After this incident he created a model of the whole Urinary system . It was a type of silicon model which had an artificial kidney and an  artificial renal stone was passed through a roaler-coaster then he found that the stone was coming out in the form of tiny particles.  This  was already indicated in ayurvedic text Charak Samhita centuries back.  Exactly this reference made  in Charak Samhita Chapter 26  Trimarmiya Chikitsa adhyay,that   a patient suffering from renal stone  made to drink liquor or made to ride on a fast moving chariot through roaler-coaster ride the renal calculi gets broken and comes out as tiny particles. These two researches whose reference are being in already mentioned in ancient texts clearly indicates the strength of Ayurvedic science but the difference is only  that we kept on studying these references  but never could scientifically prove them on proper platform and those who proved it, took the Nobel prize away.Therefore  the need is not to memorise ayurvedic references I.e.Shloka   to reduce thier importance by keeping  load on a donkey ‘ s back but to prove them with proper scientific evidence in which our Ayurvedic research centers have been an absolute faliure.

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