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Pomegranates Are One Of The Best Things You Can Put Into Your Body. For Starters, They’Re A Good Source Of Vitamin C, A Proven Immunity Booster. Just One Fruit Provides 16% Of Your Recommended Daily Intake. (Unfortunately, You Won’T Get Added C From Drinking Pom Juice: The Pasteurizing Process Kills The Vitamin).
Prevent And Treat Acne :-
Acne Is Caused Primarily By Hormonal Imbalance Or Digestive Problems. Consuming Pomegranates Regularly Can Help Prevent Acne And Eliminate Its Root Causes By Correcting Digestive Problems And Promoting Healthy Circulation Of The Blood. The Fruit Is Rich In Iron, A Constituent Part Of Hemoglobin That Helps Absorb Oxygen. Oxygen Is Carried To The Skin Cells, Making The Skin Look Fresh And Smooth.
In Addition, The Pomegranate Is A Good Source Of Vitamin C, A Powerful Antioxidant That Is Known To Protect The Skin From Damaging Free Radicals. Vitamin C Is Also Necessary For Regulating The Production Of Sebum, An Oily Secretion Of The Sebaceous Glands Of The Skin, Which Is One Of The Root Causes Of Acne.
To Treat Acne Or Improve Your Skin Using Pomegranates, All You Need To Do Is Apply Pomegranate Extract Or Juice On The Affected Areas And You Will See Favorable Results In A Few Days. The Pomegranate Extract Gets Rid Of Acne And Prevents The Formation Of Scars By Rejuvenating Your Skin Cells.
Prevents Skin Aging :-
Drinking Pomegranate Juice Is Also A Good Remedy For Skin Damaged By Sun Exposure. It Helps Prolong The Life Of Fibroblasts, Which Are Cells That Are Responsible For Producing Elastin And Collagen. Elastin And Collagen Help Keep The Skin Tone Healthy And Enhance The Skin’S Elasticity.A Study Also Suggests That Application Of Pomegranate Seed Oil On The Skin Increases The Production Of Collagen, Preventing The Breakdown Of Collagen Fibers That Could Result In The Appearance Of Wrinkles. Collagen Fibers Are Responsible For Making The Skin Smooth And Supple. Therefore, Using Pomegranate Seed Oil Can Effectively Slow Down The Formation Of Wrinkles And Other Marks Related To Aging.
Repairs Skin Cuts And Scrapes :-
Several Studies Reveal That Application Of Pomegranate Seed Oil Can Help Expedite Wound Healing. With Its Powerful Properties, The Oil Has Been Found To Quickly Repair Cuts, Pimples And Other Breaks On The Skin, Leaving No Scars To Mar The Skin’S Smoothness.
Fights Breast Cancer :-
Studies In Israel Show That Pomegranate Juice Destroys Breast Cancer Cells While Leaving Healthy Cells Alone. It May Also Prevent Breast Cancer Cells From Forming.
Lung Cancer Prevention :-
Studies In Mice Show That Pomegranate Juice May Inhibit The Development Of Lung Cancer.
Slows Prostate Cancer:-
It Slowed The Growth Of Prostate Cancer In Mice.
Keeps Psa Levels Stable In A Study Of 50 Men Who Had Undergone Treatment For Prostate Cancer, 8 Ounces Of Pomegranate Juice Per Day Kept Psa Levels Stable, Reducing The Need For Further Treatment Such As Chemotherapy Or Hormone Therapy.
Protects The Neonatal Brain :-
Studies Show That Maternal Consumption Of Pomegranate Juice May Protect The Neonatal Brain From Damage After Injury.
Prevention Of Osteoarthritis :-
Several Studies Indicate That Pomegranate Juice May Prevent Cartilage Deterioration.
Protects The Arteries :-
It Prevents Plaque From Building Up In The Arteries And May Reverse Previous Plaque Buildup.


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