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Oxalis corniculata :a weed of great medicinal value

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Oxalis corniculata is a herbaceous and perennial herb with primary slender roots known as Changeri .A low growing creeping weed often found in gardens, waste lands, and hedges and roadsides. Branches of this plant lie on the ground and start rooting to form new plant.Changeri grows up to height of 30cm with erect and creeping branches; stem is slight narrow and creeping, about 40cm in length. Roots of Changeri are branched and fibrous covered with small hairs. It contains three heart shaped leaflets that are joined to a long petiole. Leaves are about 4-12mm long and 10-20mm broad. Yellow flowers of the plant grow in cluster of 1-6 petals that are about 10-20mm long. Fruits are 1-2cm long and are cylindrical capsules. Seeds are rough, egg shaped, flattened and dark red in color. Flowering season of this plant is from July to December.
Medicinal importance of Changeri:
-Leaves are the source of vitamin-C and it is best used in the treatment of scurvy.
-This herb is very beneficial for treating influenza.
-External paste of leaves is used as antidote for the poisoning caused by snake bites, datura, mercury and arsenic.
-Leaf extract or juice is used for treating burns, insect bites and various skin eruptions. It is also beneficial for various skin disorders like warts, corns, inflammation and boils. Leaf juice is mixed with onion extract to remove warts.
-Decoction of this herb is used for gargles.
-Infusion of leaves is used to cure irritation of eyes and opacity of cornea.
-This herb is anthelminthic in nature and it is used in infants to get rid of hookworms and it is also used to cure enteritis.
-Leaf juice of this herb is used in the treatment of jaundice and it is very effective to cure symptom of diabetes i.e. poly-hydra.
-Infusion of leaves of this herb is used for treating low grade and high grade fevers.
-Leaf paste is applied over forehead externally to relieve headaches. Crushed leaves are used to reduce inflammation.
-Leaf extract mixed with oil and its local massage is used in relieving insomnia.
-Aqueous extract of this herb is cardio-protective in nature and it is very beneficial for overall health.
It is used in the pacification of vata and kapha dosha.

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