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Marma Science: a Vedic way of treatment
Ayurveda has a 5000 year old documented history of its origin but as in Veda it’s origin is mentioned as from the beginning of the universe.The Vedic Texts are the documented evidence which clarify that people suffering from different ailments also search the natural way of treating themselves.As we know that body itself acts as an healer and this is a treasure of self healing power which is known as Prana,the vital source of life.In body these prana resides in certain points which is known as Pranayatan. The Marma points are connected with this Prana.In Ayurvedic manuscripts their is no direct reference of Marma Science as available .Acharya Susruta has explained as 107 Marma points and told that you have to protect it.It is shown by experienced Sages that these points also are vital points if properly stimulated may give a effective and instant relief in many ailments. In ancient time this science specially prevailed in golden Buddhist era and was practiced extensively and embraced by the People on their own in the form of Acupressure, Acupuncture etc.The Marma Vedic science was revived by few Scholars of Ayurved in which Prof Sunil Joshi is one of them.Recently emphasis has been laid on this science as for achieving a complete and sustainable health.ICWN -2019 is the first programme in Nepal which is a joint effort of Ayush Darpan Foundation Trust,Vishwa Ayurved Parishad Nepal and Patanjali Ayurved Medical College and Research Centre ,Dhulikhel to prepare a roadmap for propagating the benefits of this vedic science among common society.The programme coordinator and cofounder of ADF Dr Navin Joshi ,MD explain that the main objective of this programme is to train the Nepal’s Ayurved Doctor fraternity as well as other Practitioner.Nepal has an great potential as well as cultural heritage which is similar to Indian tradition.This relation is socially deep routed in the society.The coordinator of conference in Nepal Dr Suman Khanal further explains that Introduction of Marma science is a new experience for Nepal’s young Ayurvedic generation.This is the gala event in which more than 80 experts as well scholars from different states of India will share their experiences to Nepal’s Ayurvedic scientific community.This is an effort to enhance the relations between two neighboring countries.

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