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Gut microbiota generated byproduct linked to cardiovascular disease

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Gut microbiome may increase the risk of Cardiovascular disease.

A team from the Cleveland Clinic have identified a gut-microbiota-generated byproduct linked clinically and mechanistically to cardiovascular disease (CVD).

The metabolite, called phenylacetylglutamine (PAGln, or just PAG), has been shown to act via adrenergic receptors, causing enhanced platelet reactivity and aggregation and in vivo thrombosis.

We’ve discovered a new gut microbiome connection that is causally linked to cardiovascular disease risk, and the metabolite identified is not only associated with future risks of events, but also, based on the animal model data, seems to actually contribute to cardiovascular disease and enhanced platelet reactivity and thrombosis or clotting risk,” said Stanley Hazen, MD, PhD, from the Cleveland Clinic.

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