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Ayurvedic practitioners of Rajkot learn the basics of Marma Science

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Marma science is a non invasive non surgical way of Vedic treatment. In a workshop organized by ALSAARF, Rajkot, Master trainer Dr Navin Chandra Joshi trained 35 Ayurvedic practitioners.The ALSAARF president Dr Gaurang Joshi told our correspondent that this is a unique practical workshop in which all the participants got hands on training.In first day the participants got the detailed theoretical knowledge of Marma science and therapy ,while in second day the participants were benfitted from the live demonstration of Marma therapy in different patients.Dr Parth Pandya a participant told that first time I attended this type of workshop in which practical knowledge was imparted by Dr Navin Joshi.Dr Ranjita appreciated the clinical approach of the workshop.Dr Pillai from Kerala told that first time he has attended such type of workshop.Instant relief in patient of cerebral palsy,paraplegia and frozen shoulder was a confidence builder for the participants.

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