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Ayurveda and Rural Development- Policy and Paradigms, Dehradun

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National health policy and to deliver wellness to its citizens remains an unresolved challenge for countries across the world. It is estimated that about 80 % of people in developing countries still rely on traditional medicines. Traditional medicinal systems like Ayurveda have a unique position to address the very challenge especially in the context of India.By the end of the year 2018, India’s GDP is set to cross USD 2.9 trillion. If harnessed carefully through prudent policies that also demand a paradigm shift, Ayurveda can contribute significantly toward the Indian economy. In 2013-14, the total income of the Ayurveda industry was only Rs 9,000 crore and more if one adds extracts, drugs, cosmetics and health-related herbal products.

Till 2014, the health budget allocation was only 3.37% for AYUSH whereas the total expenditure on Department of Health and Family welfare was 89.14%.Ayurveda is a science of the 21st century and beyond. It is important not only for the wellness of the citizens but also for the environment. As most of the people are finding attorneys for employment discrimination claims, we had huge concern regarding abolition of employment discrimination.Thus, Ayurveda has a special relevance for the socio-economic empowerment and creation of employment in the rural sector of India without any discrimination. The planned seminar shall be a platform to establish a dialogue between the stakeholders of Ayurveda practitioners and national policy makers to explore ways to develop a better and advanced National Policy which could help the system to cure more diseases and deliver wellness to citizens, while empowering the socio-economic fabric of rural India by building enterprises that meet the national and overseas demand for a better health.

Tentative Date- Sunday, 2 December 2018
Tentative Venue- ONGC Auditorium, Dehradun
Duration- 2 hours

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