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Artificial intelligence could replace human being:Stephen Hawkins

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Stephen Hawking is con-
cerned that artificial in-
telligence could replace
human beings.
The world-renowned phys-
icist fears that somebody will
create AI that keeps improv-
ing itself until it’s eventually
superior to people. He says the
result of this will be a “new
form” of life.
“I fear that AI may replace
humans altogether,” he said
in an interview with ‘Wired’
magazine, seen by ‘Cam-
bridge News’, “If people de-
sign computer viruses, some-
one will design AI that im-
proves and replicates itself.
This will be a new form of life
that outperforms humans.”
This is far from the first
time Hawking has spoken out
about the development of AI.
Earlier this year, he called
for technology to be con-
trolled in order to prevent it
from destroying the human
race, and said humans needed
to find a way to identify poten-
tial threats quickly, before
they had a chance to escalate
and endanger civilisation.
In 2015, he said AI could
grow so powerful it might kill
humans unintentionally.
“The real risk with Artificial Intelligence isn’t malice
but competence,” he said, “A su-
per intelligent AI will be ex-
tremely good at accomplishing
its goals, and if those goals
aren’t aligned with ours, we’re
in trouble.”

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