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Medicinal importance of Argemone maxicana

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Argemone Mexicana or prickly poppy(satyanashi) is antimicrobial, antidiabetic, antioxidant and hepatoprotective used to treat many diseases in ayurvedic medicine.
Its leaves decoction is used to cure malarial fever, ulcers and skin problems. Its root is diuretic, alterative, anodyne and is used in chronic skin diseases. Its seeds are laxative, expectorant and demulcent. The juice of the plant is used in jaundice and skin problems. Its latex is used to treat cataract, reddening and itching in the eyes. Oil extracted from its seeds is very toxic and must not be consumed.
Here are few remedies that can be done at home to cure various clinical conditions using prickly poppy
Impotency, infertility
Take root of satyanashi. Make powder of it after cleaning. Take this powder with misri to cure impotency.
Ascites, low urine output
Take all parts (panchang) of this herb. Clean them and dry in shade. Grind to make powder. Take 10 gm powder in 200ml water. Cook at low flame till water reduces to 50 ml. Filter and drink twice a day.
Skin diseases
Take powder of satyanashi. Soak in water at night and next morning boil in water and drink.
Psoriasis, eczema, skin problems
Take fresh satyanashi plant. Clean it and grind to extract its juice. Cook this juice in mustard oil (ratio 2:1) till all water evaporates and only oil is left. Apply this oil externally on affected area.
Boils, ulcers, warts
Take latex of Argemone and apply externally on boils.
Ringworm infections (daad khaj khujli)
Boil fresh leaves in water. Filter and use it to wash affected area.

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