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Ujjain,If you want to see the long lines of patients taking Medicated pious IMG-20181021-WA0001tkheer on the occasion of this Sharad Purnima ,you must visit Ujjain. In Ujjain’s Indira Nagar an Ayurvedic Doctor Dr Prakash Joshi has been providing free Ayurvedic Kheer to Asthmatic Patients since last 23 years.He told our correspondent that the Medicated Kheer which is prepared with Cow milk,Basmati Rice as well as Arjuna Tree (Terminalia arjuna) bark powder is kept whole night under the full moon light.The full moon light of Sharad Purnima transforms the Medicated kheer pious.Dr Joshi not only provides free Medicated Kheer to Asthmatic Patients but also performs the ceremony of whole night jagran with bhajan and keertan followed by ear piercing ceremony.He told that by whole night Jagran the Kapha dosha pacifies whereas by ear piercing the vagus nerve situated near ear pinna stimulates which acts as a Marma pressure point Stimulation results in bronchodilation.Dr Prakash Joshi is doing this nobel work since 23 year and this is the 24 th year of his work.He told that he has records patients coming across the country like from the states of Maharastra,Rajasthan and Gujrat.He also told that along with Medicated kheer the Vaidya ‘s devotion towards his work,kindness towards his patients and confidence on the procedure plays a vital role in curing the patients.Through Ayush Darpan portal Dr Prakash Joshi an academician in Govt Ayurvedic College Ujjain makes an earnest appeal to Asthmatic patient to visit Ujjain the city of Mahakal in 24th october the day of full moon (Sharad Purnima) and take the full benifit of this pious Ayurvedic treatment.

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