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Hemidesmus indicus:natural antimicrobial agent

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Sanskrit-Anantamula, Sariva, Karpoori, Sugandhi
English-Indian sarsaparilla
Latin Name-Hemidesmus indicus
Morphology: It is a found through out India .A special kind of milky latex is found in the climber. The roots are woody, slender and aromatic. The stem is cylindrical and thickened at nodes. The leaves are arranged alternately in pairs at right angles. The flowers are small, yellow to greenish purple and found in branched cluster (cymes) at the axis of the leaf. The fruits are a pair of long follicles, which are divergent.
Useful parts: Roots.
Skin: It helps in treating Eczema, Erysipelas, Psoriasis, and Urticaria from heat and aggravated Pitta. It ‘cleans’ the blood, stops itching and reduces supperation. The root powder is used to treat STDs that are damp and hot.
Urinary: Urinary infections with dark red, cloudy, painful urination; cystitis, urethritis, kidney infections, prostatitis.
Nerves: Its alterative and purificatory nature extends to the mind, hence its used in disturbed, angry or irritated emotions from high Pitta . It reduces Vata indirectly by calming the flames of Pitta.
It is used in certain bacterial conditions such as Gonorrheal neuralgia, Syphilis, Venereal disease.
It is used in Auto immune disease such as Rheumatism, Rheumatoid arthritis and also used in Nephritic disorders.
It is also used in mouth sores of children.It is one of the Rasayana plants of Ayurveda, as it is anabolic in its effect.It stimulates the flow of bile and removes toxins from the body. It is a good diuretic and increases flow of urine three to four times. When used with Tinospora, the herb’s effect is enhanced further. It relieves inflammation of urethra and burning micturition and is also helpful for third or fourth stages of syphilis.Anantmool has long enjoyed reputation as tonic, alterative, demulcent, diaphoretic, diuretic, blood purifier & flavouring agent. The main constituents are P-Methoxy salicylic aldehyde, beta sitosterol, tetracyclic triterpene alcohals, fattyacids, tannins, saponins etc. It is employed in nutritional disorders, chronic rheumatism, gravel (calculi) & other urinary diseases, syphilis, scrofula (cervical tubercular lymphadenitis) & skin affections. It helps in treatment of syphilis by stimulating the defense machanism of the body. It has also been used successfully in the treatment of psoariasls. It shows inhibitory effect on the growth of Escherichia coli.Anantamool herb has the following health benefits:
Stomach Disorders– Anantamool herb is used to cure various stomach disorders such as loss of appetite and dyspepsia. 1 to 6 grams of roots powder is taken with milk to treat these conditions.
Diarrhea– The roots of the herb are made into paste form with water and mixed with pepper powder to treat diarrhea and stomach ache.Hair Growth– This herb contains a hair growth hormone. Thus, roots decoction is prepared and used as a hair wash to promote hair growth.
Urinary Diseases- The herb is sued to treat various urinary diseases, syphilis and leucorrhea. To cure these conditions, 60 to 90 ml of roots decoction is given to a patient thrice a day. Syrup prepared from the roots of this herb is used to treat diuretic conditions.
Rheumatism– Roots made into paste form is applied to cure joints in swelling, rheumatism and boils.
Fevers– This herb is also used to cure fevers as it has diaphoretic (sweat inducing) properties.

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