हिताहितम् सुखं दुखमायुस्तस्य हिता हितम ।मानं च तच्च यत्रोक्तमायुर्वेद:स उच्यते।।41।।-चरकसंहितासूत्रस्थान-प्रथमोध्याय The wisdom of knowledge which fully explains about Hit,Ahit,Sukh and Dukh Aayu as well as quality,quantity,do's and don'ts of life is Ayurveda' Watch Live Sessions of ISWWTA 2015 RISHIKESH on Youtube.Visit http://youtube.com/user/ayushdarpan

Editorial Board

*Dr B.D.Joshi
Ph.D. in cytogenetics .Ex-professor of Zoology and former member of National Institute of Agriculture and Research and Management,Hyderabad is the chief and Honorary editor of this Magazine.
*Mrs.Mugdha Joshi
The editorial group members are:
*Dr Mayank Bhatkoti
*Dr.Ganesh Upadhyay
*Dr.Sushant Patil
*Dr.Rammani Bhandari
*Dr.Anil Pokhrel
*Pt.Manish Uprety F.R.A.S.
*Dr.Vijay Jadhav
*Dr.Arun Chandan
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