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CMAB to bridge gap between ayurveda and modern medicine

Ayurveda News

The Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is looking forward to establish a Centre for Molecular and Ayurvedic Biology (CMAB), which will be dedicated to understand ayurvedic principles through modern molecular tools.

“A meeting of the experts including ayurvedic doctors, modern biologists, chemical scientist, physicist, and clinical psychologist was held recently to discuss the issue,” said Dr Rajavashisth Tripathi from Molecular Biology Unit, Institute of Medical Science (IMS), BHU, who proposed a centre to integrate molecular and ayurvedic biology for human wellness. He also proposed an academic frame to support this association at graduation, post-graduation and research level.

According to Tripathi, the mission is to create a bridge between modern medicine and ayurveda using tools and techniques of molecular biology. It intends to extend existing programmes for advanced education, research and teaching, and increase awareness for the integration of molecular and ayurvedic medicine in community for the general health and wellbeing of people.BHU VC Girish Chandra Tripathi, who chaired the meeting, encouraged the association of ayurvedic principles with molecular sciences, and extended his support to the initiative. The acting director of IMS RK Goel also supported the creation of a platform for collaborative research in ayurveda and molecular biology.

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