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C.procera :Broadspectrum healing herb

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Apple of sodom, Botanical Name: Calotropis procera
Family Name: Asclepiadaceae
Common Name: Giant Swallow wort, Milkweed
Parts Used: Leaves, Flowers, root bark.
Medicinal uses of Calotropis procera (Milkweed)
A poultice of the leaves is applied for rheumatism, filariasis, wounds, glandular swellings,   eczema, pigmentation and other skin inflammations.
 The latex acts as a purgative, used in treating ascites of kapha type and hepatosplenomegaly ascites.
The flowers and root bark decoction taken for treating blood impurity, filariasis, syphilis, asthma, cough.
When Calotropis procera is dried, it can be used internally as a tonic, antihelmintic and an expectorant.
 The dried and powdered root is chiefly administered for bronchitis, asthma, leprosy, eczema and elephantiasis.
The latex is used in treating vertigo, baldness, hair fall, tooth aches, intermittent fevers, rheumatism and paralysis. Leaves of Calotropis procera are heated in the oil which is applied externally in treating joint pain and swellings.
The pungent latex from the leaves and flowers acts as an eye tonic.
The whole plant alcoholic extract induces spermicidal and anti-microbial activities, simulates estrogens in the reproductive tract, and acts as anti-fertility.

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